Social Informatics Courses at IU

Course Number
Course Name
Department of Communication & Culture
CMCL 620 Media, Politics, and Power
CMCL 627 Networks, Systems and Flows
School of Education
EDUC P574* Topical Seminar in Learning Science
Department of Geography
GEOG G549 Political Ecology
School of Informatics & Computing (SoIC)
INFO I525 Informatics and Economics of Security
INFO I537 Legal and Social Informatics of Security
INFO I590* Topics in Informatics
INFO I609 Advanced Seminar I in Informatics. Topic: Social Informatics
INFO I651 The Ethnography of Information
INFO I690* Topics in Informatics
INFO I709 Advanced Seminar II in Informatics. Topic: Social Informatics
Kelley School of Business (KSB)
BUS S600 Foundations in Information Systems Research
BUS S601 Systems Analysis and Design Research
BUS S605 Collaborative Technologies Research
BUS S798* Theory Building and Dissertation Proposal Writing
School of Library and Information Science (SLIS)
SLIS S513 Organizational Informatics
SLIS S514 Social Aspects of Information Technology
SLIS S518 Communication in Electronic Environments
SLIS S541* Information Policy
SLIS S542* International Information Issues
SLIS S601* Readings in Library & Information Science
SLIS S604* Topics in Library & Information Science
SLIS S764* Social Aspects of Information Technology (Jointly offerred w/ S514)
Department of Political Science
POLS Y669 International Political Economy
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
SPEA V671 Public Organization and Management I
SPEA V672 Public Organization and Management II
Telecommunications Department
TEL T551 Communication, Technology & Society
TEL T585 Interactivity & New Media
TEL T601 Origins of the Information Age
TEL T610 Networked society
* This course has not been pre-approved for Social Informatics Minor because its content changes. Students must contact the Director of the Social Informatics Minor program prior to taking it to have it approved.

Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics, Indiana University
901 E. 10th St. Informatics West #302. Bloomington, IN 47408 (map)