Below is a list of books, journals and special issues featuring topics concerning Social Informatics.


The following is a list of books related to Social Informatics:

2008Robert PinterInformation Society: From Theory to Political Practice
2008Edited by Margaret S. Elliot and Kenneth L. KraemerComputerization Movements and Technology Diffusion: From Mainframes to Ubiquitous Computing
2005Rob Kling, Howard Rosenbaum, and Steve SawyerUnderstanding and Communicating Social Informatics: A Framework for Studying and Teaching theHuman Contexts of Information and Communication Technologies


The following journals regularly include Social Informatics articles:

Special Issues on Social Informatics

The following special issues of journals are devoted to Social Informatics-related topics.

  • Technology as Organization/Disorganization (Information and Organization 15(3))
  • ICT Research and Disciplinary Boundaries: Is "Internet Research" a Virtual Field, a Proto-Discipline, or Something Else? (The Information Society 21(4))
  • IT and the Relational Base of Communities (The Information Society 21(2))
  • Tribute to Rob Kling (The Information Society 20(2))

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